Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moved to share house

Actually it was hard to find the cheap share house in Perth city in this moment, because there were lots of people who took working holiday VISA here, I had a look for two places for my share house before, but there were too expensive and the location was inconvenience for me. Fortunately, my English teacher gave me a call to let me know he had a one more room available because he knew I was looking for share house at that time, so I moved to my teacher's house in May, that would let me to save more money for transportation fee because currently I was in my teacher's lessons every Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri, and now, I had my own room, desk and personal space accordingly. :)

Although I could meet lots of new friends in backpacks, but actually I couldn’t have a desk and space to study, so that was why I want to move to share house, and I also only pay $60 per week for my current share house, that is mooooooooooooooooore cheaper than city backpackers, anyway, I think I'm lucky although there are lots of rules in my current share house, pray for me! Ha-ha.


Tim Chang said...

I thought I came to the wrong place. All in English! Good to know your well being. Can't wait to see more photos.BTW, is the room fee in NT dollars?

tim chang said...

p.s: I'll pray for you.

JIMMY said...

haha, of course in AU dollar! thanks for your prayer, Tim. How about you?